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Saranac Commons Brings New Small Businesses Downtown

We’ve written a few times about the continuing development of Spokane’s downtown, but it seems that every time that you turn around there is a new restaurant or cool local shop opening up somewhere around the city’s hub. One of the projects that has been generating excitement since it was first announced is the Saranac Commons building.


Saranac Commons is located at 19 W. Main, and is the home of several new local businesses. The building used to house the comic book and game shop, Merlyn’s Fantasy Sci-Fi and Games. The building was acquired by Jim Sheehan in a trade with John Waite, who owns Merlyn’s, for the building next door. The building is serving as something of an incubator for several small businesses, primarily revolving around food and beverages.

When you survey the food offerings around Spokane, there is a conspicuous lack of Mediterranean restaurants in town. Mediterrano is looking to fill that void, offering a wide range of Mediterranean fare, as well as offering Spokane residents another great option for weekend brunch.